What’s those differences between frontend development and backend development

  1. develop static web pages, for PC and mobile
  2. develop applications by React Native or other cross platform technology

Frontend code need to be downloaded

  1. Code size. This even will affect our technology selection. For example, people might choose preact over react, zepto over jQuery.
  2. Network. People usually use CDN to let users download their code more faster. We even needs to consider the concurrent limit of tcp connections. And we should not upgrade your application near the start of a campaign, which will bring such huge traffic to CDN servers that it might crash them.
  3. Sometimes we cannot guarantee 100% upgrade rate. When it comes to React Native with code-push, we cannot guarantee all users will get the latest version of our code. We have to consider this in some cases like we want to deprecate some backend APIs


  1. We can reduce the possibility of downloading our code by reusing caching as much as possible.
  2. We might consider make the downloading task run at background

Frontend code’s runtime is undetermined

Frontend code runs on user’s device

  1. We don’t need to consider concurrent bottleneck when huge traffic comes
  2. We don’t need to consider those well-known problems coming along with distributed services like data consistency
  3. We care less about memory leak since we just need to manage one user’s data. How big is the chance of memory leak if you aren’t developing something like collaboration production tools, figma or google docs for example.
  1. Local cache is untrusted
  2. We need to prevent XSS attacks leveraging local cache like localstorage
  3. Even the whole user device is untrusted
  4. We might consider using our custom keyboard to let user proceed payment
  5. Users might use out-of-date devices with poor performance

Frontend focuses on user interaction

Let user stay aware of what’s going on.

It’s hard to define when user exits.

One of our important inputs is user actions




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